Do I know you?

Do I want to?


.Fuck you (:


& I still hate you. Even though I speak to you again.
    You ruined it. For the second time already.
I thought we could just be friends.
Apparently not.

leave me

Happy father's day, from the daughter you don't wanna have.




I hate you, I really do.



Fucking asshole (:




Just shut up .




Loves him.

. k


Just fuck you and leave me alone



I know it's not good. But I can't help it. I need it.



It's weird. She talks to me because she has a "fight" with her best friend. Not that I don't mind, but when the "fight" is over, she will stop talking to me like that. I hope not but you never know. I don't feel like it's the same as before. I'm wondering if it ever will be like before. But yeah, you know, life goes on (= .

I don't know what to think about it. I want to go with them, but on the other side, i can disturb them you know.

I'm not sure what to think about him. Do I like him or not? That's the question. I think I do, but I just don't want this friendship to be destroyed. He is my best friend for the moment, he knows everything about me, I think).  But the problem is (well, not really a problem..) that when I hear him all the time, he starts to annoying me. I can't really explain it. And I think it is too early. Yes, I know him for one year and a half now, but there has so many happened between us and I don't know..

Then there is still the other guy. I hate him, I do. He is a real jerk, but yeah, that's my opinion (= .  I don't know how I survived those 3 months, but he, I did. When I didn't have him (so when we weren't together jet) then I wanted him. But once I had him, I didn't want him anymore, I thought he really was changed when we finlly were together, but he said he didn't. Well, maybe he was not the guy I thought he was. And I am not the girl who he thought I was. Some people say that he didn't really care about me, that he only was with be because then, "he finally had a girl to spend his life with". He said he wanted to change for me (after I already asked him a hundred times) but I said it was too late and so we broke up. It broke my heart. My friends (well, some of my friends) couldn't stand him, and because he always was with me, I didn't speak them for months an I wasn't there when she needed me. Wel yeah, I know that now, when it was too late. So that is the other reasonI broke up with him. To make it right with my friends. Friends are forever right? and I didn't tell anyone, that it broke my heart. My heart is still broken. And after a little month, I found out that Mister has already another girl. A girl who is as ugly as the girl from "the ring". I have ifriend who calls her that way, I love him for doing that (= . I can't believe that he actually already wanted to be with her when we were still together. That hurts, a lot. Because he said to me that he loved me, that he didn't wanna lose me, that he would do anything for me. But it was too late. But actually, he didn't mean those words, he was already in love with this other girl. And everywhere that I look, I see him with that other girl. But what hurts the most, is that when we were together, he always wanted to be with me and when I wanted to be alone with my friends, he got mad on me and then he said that it was because he loved me. He don't even know what love is. And now, since he is with her, he is different. I don't get it why he is doing this for her and not for me. They aren't always together, they have the realtionship that I wanted to have with him, he is doing what I have asked him, but with that other girl, he didn't do those things for me. I just don't get that. No one knows that it hurts so much. And I don't want that it hurts. I can't stop thinking about it and it makes me crazy. It is already better than last week.

I have two friends (both guys, I don't know why it are guys, but they are) and they are helping me to forget him. I am sure than one friend doesn't know that he is helping me, but he is, he really is. I love him so. But as a friend, and most of the people don't get that. The whole school thinks that I want him ad that he wants me, but they are insane. He knows (almost) everything about me and I know (almost) everything about him. I will always be there for hem when he needs me. And I think that he will always be there for me when I need him. I can't explain my feelins for him, it is not love, love like "Oh my, I love you, I wanna spend mylife with you", but it isn't really a normal friendship (well, for me it isn't). It is stronger than that, I hope that I will still know him when I am 80 years old, I really do hope so. Because that's a friend that you never ever have to lose. He is one of the good guys.



I love to party with the boys. They can make me laugh. I see them as my friends, I'm wondering how they see me. I love them, I really do, they just don't know it.

Just because.


It hurts.
It hurts so damn much and I don't even know why.
Fuck you.